What We Do

SIGOMA are the collective voice of urban areas

Through the groups described below, we brief parliamentary representatives on issues under debate in the Houses of Parliament, make representations to government departments and respond to their consultations, and regularly participate in government working groups and sector calls.

SIGOMA supports its membership by providing in-depth analysis of government proposals and legislations, and evaluations of their potential local impact. Our analysis and comment is respected within the local government community. Much of our work is achieved through collaboration between Officers’ and Leaders’ Groups.

We also collaborate with and support other local and national organisations whose interests coincide with those of our members.

SIGOMA communicates our position directly with the public by producing articles and opinion pieces on matters of interest to the press and via social media. See our News to read more.

We seek to ensure that the voice of our member authorities and the fourteen million citizens they represent are heard.

Our Groups

Full Member Meetings of elected representatives from each SIGOMA authority are held quarterly.

Executive Committee Meetings of councillors from members authorities are held as necessary. The committee is responsible for overseeing the work of the whole SIGOMA group, agreeing priorities and setting broad objectives.

A Technical Officers’ Group is made up of finance experts and accountants from each authority. The group networks and meets to work on joint projects as well as share information.

A Parliamentary Group of MPs represents constituencies in member authorities. Regular briefings to and meetings with MPs provide a SIGOMA voice in Parliament.

The SIGOMA Office is responsible for servicing all SIGOMA groups, carrying out research and managing projects.