Committed to fairer funding settlements

SIGOMA is currently focussed on the lack of funding and growth opportunities available to our members in comparison to other authorities across the country. Our campaigns focus on eight core themes:

  • Education and Young People – campaigning for better resources to support pupils in disadvantaged areas and raise attainment
  • Health and Social Care – arguing for a fairer distribution of resources to reduce health inequalities and deliver national targets
  • Local Services – identifying more direct sources of funding so that local authorities can create the kind of environment that will attract more investment
  • Neighbourhood and Economic Renewal – ensuring that specific funding for renewal continues to recognise pockets of deprivation within more affluent areas
  • Transport – identifying local solutions that meet the needs of individual communities
  • Local Taxation – identifying solutions that take account of an individual’s ability to pay and a local authority’s ability to generate resources
  • Housing – ensuring adequate investment is provided to deliver future housing needs for our members
  • Future Shape of Local Government – working with members to identify and showcase existing good practice, to provide the Government with practical examples of how local government is already working to deliver an improved future

In documents such as “A Fair Future” and "Protecting Vital Services”, and via press campaigns such as “Stop the Growing Divide”, we have demonstrated the impact of adverse funding mechanisms on our members. We have highlighted the inferior economic and social conditions in SIGOMA authorities, which leave them poorly placed to grow their way out of poverty without significant concentrated investment.