Our Agenda

Committed to fairer funding

SIGOMA's aim is to secure sufficient, sustainable and fair funding so that our members can maintain vital services and continue to invest in improving their local areas. Our campaigns focus on eleven core themes:

  • Local Government Finance – reform of local government finance would bring greater fairness and provide stability for council funding.
  • Levelling Up – a levelling up policy that is properly targeted and focuses on delivering high-quality public services.
  • Children's Services – increase funding to reflect the increase in demand and enable local authorities to focus on preventative spending.
  • Adult Social Care – funding support for local authorities to provide high-quality social care that meets local need.
  • Transport – increased investment in transport infrastructure to support the levelling up agenda and protect public transport.
  • Public Health – adequate funding for local authorities to deliver vital, preventative public health services.
  • Housing – support for local authorities to develop high quality council housing and an end to the New Homes Bonus scheme which top-slices funding to wealthier areas.
  • Devolution – meaningful devolution to allow local areas more control over issues like skills and transport and proper funding rather than devolving cuts to local areas.
  • Education – provide the appropriate funding and guidance to help education and skills training for all.
  • Climate Change and Net Zero – funding support for local authorities to meet their Net Zero goals.
  • Welfare Provision – funding support for local authorities to support the most vulnerable within their area.

In our Levelling Up Submission and our recently published Manifesto, we have demonstrated the impact of significant funding cuts and adverse funding mechanisms on our members. For levelling up to happen, local government must have sufficient, sustainable and fair funding to deliver high-quality public services.