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SIGOMA is the Special Interest Group of Municipal Authorities representing 48 urban authorities in the northern, midland and south-coast regions of England. We are the voice of these urban areas, working for a fairer future and proper funding for our members.

SIGOMA is one of the largest interest groups within the LGA (Local Government Association). We provide:

  • An authoritative and influential voice on local government finance and other government proposals and legislation, to ensure member authorities remain well-informed of, and are not unfairly impacted by, central government policy.
  • Valuable representation to ensure that our member authorities have the sufficient, sustainable and fair funding needed to maintain vital services and continue investing in their local areas.
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SIGOMA Membership

SIGOMA represent the interests of our members within the Local Government Association. We channel their views to Government and other appropriate bodies, to help secure sufficient, sustainable and fair funding for our member authorities.

We constantly monitor and provide regular updates on relevant government proposals and legislation to help ensure our members have fair and equitable access to the resources and freedoms they need to build strong, sustainable communities.

A Voice for Everyone

Urban communities within SIGOMA member authorities are among the most disadvantaged in the country. We represent their interests on everything from local government finance to education and transport, lobbying for a fairer distribution of funding. To read more about our position on a range of issues, see our Manifesto.

We are constantly working to identify and address sources of financial inequality to ensure that residents in historically underfunded areas have fair and equal opportunity. We want to work with the Government to truly level up.

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Our analysis of local government core spending power data shows that the funding levels of local authorities in England are still below 2010-11 levels in real-terms.

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Uk Parliament

Speaking to i News, SIGOMA chair, Cllr Sir Stephen Houghton, warned that reduction in spending could lead to "public unrest".

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